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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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and this morning, rising from the ashes. we're live on the 100th floor of the brand new world trade center, reclaiming its place as the tallest building in new york city today. for the first time, just above ground zero, we reveal the stunning view. it's an abc news exclusive. and developing now. gas prices plummet again, relief at the pump by more than a nickel over the weekend. prices lower than they were last year, right before the busy summer travel season. the search for little isabel expands across the border to mexico. as police race to track down a new lead on what happened to the 6-year-old who vanished from her bedroom. a new witness caught on surveillance tape. and -- ♪ where did i go wrong >> hero mcdreamy. tv's hottest doctor in an
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unbelievable real-life rescue. the moments when patrick dempsey pulled a teenager from a car. using a crowbar and fire extinguisher. how he saved a life. and good morning, everyone. from times square. george? you are on top of the world right now, my friend. what a spectacular sight. >> boy, i'll say. i am loving my job this morning, robin. it's absolutely awesome up here on the 100th floor of one world trade center. this view is so magnificent. look at this. i think we'll show you right now, spreading out all of the way uptown. you see most of midtown manhattan right there. i think in the distance, right in the middle. you should be able to see the empire state building.
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here's what is going to happen today. later today, this building is going to become the tallest building in new york city once again, inching above the empire state building. as you see here, you could not ask for a better day. the sun is shining, the wind has calmed down right now. and we're so high up, take a look down there. down there, you can see, barely, the statue of liberty. it's a tiny, little lady from way up here. this is where it's all going to happen in just a few hours. right there. they're going to be putting up a beam about 2:00 this afternoon. a 100-foot beam that will make this one world trade center the tallest building in manhattan. of course you know the meaning of all of that. just above ground zero. it's an emotional moment here for so many and for new york city. it's spectacular to be up here. we'll tell you all about it. >> what a view. we look forward to seeing more from there, george. a big day in the high-stakes trial of john edwards. andrew young's wife set to retake the stand. after her startling testimony on friday, saying her husband was
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mesmerized by edwards, the first time they met. we'll go behind the scenes of the best job in the world. the man who won a contest to work and live in paradise, reveals how it all really turned out. that's all ahead. let's get right to the top stories developing right now. good morning, josh. >> good morning, we're going to begin with a developing story, what could be the worst diplomatic crisis between the u.s. and china in more than 30 years. a blind human rights activist in beijing, under house arrest, somehow managed to evade security and break free. word now is he may in fact be under the protection of american diplomats. martha raddatz joins us with new details about his dramatic escape. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. chen guangcheng had already been in prison more than four years. he has been a strong activist trying to halt forced abortions and sterilizations which limit the sizes of families in china to one child per couple. but once the young lawyer got out of prison, he was placed
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under house arrest. his family farm surround and under constant guard by cordons of police. but he managed to escape a dangerous and daring move. it is believed he's in the american hands in china's capital at the u.s. embassy. which would essentially be a safe house. the u.s. has now rushed over a u.s. diplomat, is sis tant foreign of state. the united states is in a delicate position, but wanting to keep chen and his family safe. to further complicate it. tonight, secretary of state, hillary clinton heads to china, for a previously scheduled meeting. josh, very complicated. >> a remarkably delicate situation, as news becomes
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available for you, we will have it for you. martha, thank you for that. drivers getting more of a break while filling up. gas prices dropped another four cents in the last week alone, to an average of $3.82 per gallon nationwide. prices are now in fact lower than this time a year ago. and police here in new york say speed may have played a role in the crash that took the lives of seven family members here in new york city. they cashed over a guardrail, plunging 60 feet over a remote corner of the bronx zoo. and new questions about the safety of ocean yacht races. these shaky images show what's left of a sailboat apparently run over by a large commercial ship. during a race off the coast of san diego. now, the coast guard has recovered the bodice of three crew members. a fourth is presumed dead. a wakeup call in the fight against childhood obesity and diabetes.
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a new study finds that type ii diabetes progresses far more rapidly in teens than adults, and is harder to treat. researchers found only about half of diabetic teams were able to manage their blood sugar with a single drug. even more alarming, 1 in 5 develop serious complications, such as vision loss. and australian billionaire clive palmer, known for being savvy when it comes to making a buck -- i wish george was here -- may not float. today, palmer announced he's building a cruise ship with the name that, well, let's just say may give pause to perspective passengers. "titanic ii." it will be a replica of the original. but robert palmer said the "titanic ii" will be designed so it won't sink, end quote. i do believe we've seen this movie before. >> we have. all right, josh, thank you. to a surprising new dynamic duo. president obama and former president clinton.
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pairing up over the weekend on the campaign trial. it's "your voice, your vote." jake tapper has more. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. no one will accuse these two of having a bromance. it's an alliance. but it is a fascinating one, given the past tensions between the two men. they were once locked in mortal combat. but at this posh virginia mansion last night. president obama and former president clinton helped rake in more than $3 million for the re-election effort. a lot can happen in four years, as the president joked about at the white house correspondents' dinner saturday night. >> four years ago, i was locked in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later, she won't stop drunk-texting me from cartagena. >> reporter: it was brutal that primary battle. >> you're likable enough. >> thank you. >> shame on you, barack obama. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i have seen. >> reporter: but they made up. >> we're putting him to work. >> reporter: now secretary of state, hillary clinton has
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approval ratings that president obama could only dream about. and bill clinton could be the best surrogate for an obama campaign that isn't named obama. over the past several months, the camps have discussed how they can help each other this year. now bill clinton is not just headlining obama fundraisers, he's starring in this obama campaign web commercial. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path. >> reporter: testifying about how difficult obama's decision was to send in the s.e.a.l.s to that risky mission to kill osama bin laden. >> you hire the president to make the calls when no one else can do it. >> reporter: clinton will also campaign for president obama, rallying democrats. last week, some big muckety mucks at the obama campaign decided they would help put to rest the remaining hillary clinton 2008 campaign debt, about $250,000. the obama campaign says, they're
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going to help retire this debt as a thank you for the clintons. robin. >> all right, jake. thank you. now to the latest on the high-profile trial of john edwards. andrew young's wife heads back to the stand today. she testified friday that her husband was mesmerized when he first met. andrew young dropping bombshells of his own. let's bring in legal analyst dan abrams right now. this was nasty in the cross-examination. >> this wasn't just a cross examination, it was almost a verbal assassination, at one point, during the questioning, calling him a cold-blooded schemer, the lawyer does. the lawyer refers to young in that way. they have a lot to work with on cross-examination of young. he admitted in the context of cross-examination that of the $1.2 million they got from donors, $1 million of it he used for his own personal expenses. that puts him in a tough spot. with that said, the defense has to be careful.
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they don't want to go too far here and make it seem like they're piling on. because they have plenty to work with already. >> the witnesses will be brought in to bolster the credibility andrew young may have. he talked about being in the woods with edwards and saying he feared for his life at one point. >> unbelievable exchange. a witness saying that john edwards, a guy running for president, he feared there might be a sniper in the woods who was going to shoot him. in the context of one of their last and worst conversations. >> how did that play with the jury? >> i think the defense is hoping to show this demonstrates this guy is paranoid. that he's not in touch with reality. one of the key things the defense is trying to show is that he was trying to blackmail edwards. that's a really important point the defense was hitting again and again, trying to say, don't believe his story here. he's not trustworthy, he was
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actually trying to gather all of this information, save these photo, text, video, et cetera, to try to blackmail him. >> what do you expect to hear more from sherry young this morning? >> bolstering her husband's credibility. there have been tons of holes poked in it. the key for her is backing up what he said. >> hope those allergies clear up. let's get back to george at the new one world trade center. you must feel like you won the lottery, this morning, george, being on top of the world there. >> i do. on the 100th floor with bob woodruff. i have to tell you, it's not easy getting up here. you have to take two elevators. the elevators on the outside of the building, that gets you up to about the 90th floor. and then a series of ladders. about four ladders. straight up. they're vertical. that gets us up to the 100th floor. bob, it's so worth it once you get up here. just beautiful. >> it's the greatest time i have ever seen in new york city, the greatest view. we had the chance yesterday to
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go even further than this. at the top of the crane, we have three crane operators who witnessed the fall of these towers back on 9/11. it's a project six years in the making. 37,000 tons of steel. 186-foot concrete fortified base. it will rise 400 feet above the original north tower. >> it's really a symbol of the resiliency of the american time. >> reporter: just getting to the top is a journey. elevators only travel to the 90th floor. which means climbing. >> this is unbelievable. at 1,200 feet in the crane, i'm eye level with the helicopters. don't you get worried this high up? >> about what? >> reporter: about falling. >> it's great, what's to worry about? >> reporter: on that day ten years ago, these guys witnessed the unthinkable. >> everybody climbed on top of the crane. to see the towers fall. >> reporter: how many days do you think about the past, about what happened here, versus the future that you're creating. >> not a day goes by that you don't, at some point in the day,
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have something come back. >> reporter: on one steel beam, a dedication to one fallen firefighter. ladder 16. >> tough coming to work every day. there's family members outside, trying to bring you flowers to bring in. tough. >> reporter: do you have a message to americans when they see this thing being rebuilt? >> i say -- be proud of what's going up. >> america should be proud knowing we did it every day for everybody. >> reporter: and for ibor hall who immigrated to the u.s. 27 years ago, it's his gift to the united states. >> this building is a -- so emotional to me. it's -- can't even imagine how i feel. i really feel proud. ♪ >> reporter: it's hard to believe it's more than ten years ago that i witnessed this really on television, based in the london bureau.
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now here we are, standing on the top of this as the new ones are getting rebuilt. it's like a miracle. >> it gives you so much hope. i was there that well to see the smoke. to see that destruction, just to know that this is going to come in its place. fantastic. bob, thank you. now, we're joined by part of the razing gang. kevin murphy, kevin scaley and john collins. come in, guys. congratulations. we were talking about, i wondered what it is like for all of you. all of us lived through the tragedy of 9/11. it's got to be extra meaningful to be part of building something on this site. >> this really is a special place in the world. the best place we've ever worked. we're on top of the world. looking to build it higher than the empire state building. just a special feeling. all the people that watched it live. to be part of this -- >> and a lot of the workers were part of the cleanup here at
7:15 am
ground zero, as well. >> exactly. a bunch of contractors came in and hired us and put us to work. >> tell us about what will happen today? >> we'll set the column that will go past the empire state. >> right over there. >> one there and one on the other corner. that will be pretty -- pretty -- >> that's a pretty great moment. i see everybody is pretty excited about that. one of the other things everybody should know about this building, it will be the world's safest office building when it's done. top of the line going up. >> to build the building, it gets better. >> your grandfather worked on the empire state building? >> yeah. >> thank you, guys. we're going back to robin now. >> those pictures say it all. spectacular. thank you all. now to a hit and run case caught on tape. police in berkeley, california,
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say a driver hit two cyclists with his car and fled the scene. he might have gotten away with it if not for a tiny camera catching it on tape. our weekend anchor dan harris is here with so much more on this. dan. >> this story is so interesting to me on so many levels. there are both advantages and disadvantages to living in a culture where cameras are pretty much everywhere. this is an example of the upside. a case that might not have ever been solved if not for the tiny little camera mounted on that bike. it starts out as a lovely ride through the leafy streets of berkeley, california. but then check this out. a black car swerves into the frame, slamming into the brazilian bike racer, bruno gregory, and a fellow cyclist. they crash to the ground. the car speeds off. look at it again in slow motion. you can see the car hit the bikers and the bikers hit the ground as the car takes off. luckily, neither gregory nor his
7:17 am
friend was seriously hurt. you can see them talking in the aftermath. they are just bruised, but their bikes are seriously damaged. >> this is always a tricky spot here. because people are really taking off here. there's not enough shoulder. >> reporter: it might have ended there were it not for the tiny camera mounted on the bike of gregory's friend. gregory is an avid cyclist, a member of an area racing team, and elite cyclists often videotape their training rides in order to improve their technique. gregory turned the tape in to police and posted it on youtube. where it's already gotten more than 200,000 hits. police slowed the video down and enhanced it enough to see the license number. which investigators traced back to this man. 43-year-old michael madaglia, who says he wasn't driving that day, that the car had been stolen. police don't seem to be buying his story. they arrested him for felony hit and run and several other
7:18 am
charges. including drug possession and violation of probation. he's set to be arraigned today. he's being held on $100,000 bail. he was already on probation for possessing a switchblade. a quick public safety note here. one possible reason the bikers didn't get hurt, they were both wearing helmets. which is a good thing to keep in mind. >> and they were off to the side. >> they were. they were in their lane. >> yeah, absolutely. all right. dan, thank you very much. cameras are everywhere. >> watch out. >> i know. over to you, sam. >> thanks. >> there's one, two, three, four, five, six cameras in here pointed at you, sir. good morning, everybody. let's start with what's going on in the northeast. we have a chill. now, inside of city areas, the cement, concrete, all of the pavement has held the heat. so it's in the 40s. outside the urban environments, you're looking at 17 in saranac lake. 31 in albany. big difference between the northeast cities and outside of the city.
7:19 am
this cold snap has damaged -- it's been three days in a row, in part, grape crops. here's where the thunderstorms rolling today. oklahoma city, another day of strong storms. louisville, indianapolis, pittsburgh. these will include more large hail. so many so far this spring. out to the west coast. we're looking nice and mild in the extreme southwest. heat still builds into the gulf coast.
7:20 am
>> another day of heavy rain in south florida. they actually do need it. robin. >> thank you, sam. george, i don't think you'll forget this morning any time soon. >> no way. what a spectacular morning. it's just terrific up here on the 100th floor. i'll work my way down the ladder. see you in a couple of minutes. >> okay. we got a spot for you here. still to come, though, on "gma," the desperate search for little isabel crosses the border into mexico. as police race to track down a new witness revealed on surveillance video
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good morning i'm eric thomas. all lanes of i-680 are open again after an all night hurt in -- a big rig crashed into the center divider 9:30 last night crews spent the night
7:25 am
verifying the chemicals hadn't leaked. investigators trying to determine what led up to the crash. the other story reopening of the doyle drive detour. >> reporter: it is flowing smoothly. you can see this is an earlier shot coming out of the new tunnel traffic slow but steady, chp issuing tickets. the first ticket issued already. take your time, a little different of a roadway speeds less. "sig alert" with a car fire 101, 380 couple lanes blocked, two left northbound and one left southbound. >> when we come back, mike will have a look at the forecast.
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welcome back. clouds signifying the sea breeze is back and cooler weather is on the way. 49 santa rosa, low to mid 50s for most of us. afternoon mid to upper 50s along the coast where it will
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♪ come on up for the rising the boss. this is perfect to play it. with that breathtaking view from the top of the new world trade center, soaring over ground zero. we must remember, it's also an extremely emotional day for so many. just hours from now, it will officially be the city's tallest building. george is on his way back to times square. can't wait to hear what he has to say. >> it does feel like we have an old friend back again. >> in many ways. we say good morning, america. on this monday morning. as we said, george is on his way back. josh is going to keep me company in the meantime. >> a lot to get to. including the new details in the very emotional hit and run trial. the aspiring pop singer who pushed her stepmother to turn herself in.
7:31 am
now the stepmom tells her side of the story. also, well, he plays a doctor on television. patrick dempsey. >> mcdreamy. >> now mcrescuey. rescuing a teenager from a horrific car wreck. how he saved a life, truly. you want to stick around for that. we want to tell you about a very special interview we have tomorrow. i'm there with mark zuckerberg, of facebook. he has a special announcement, revealing how he and facebook could save lives. it's going to be a new tool that's going to be available on facebook. can't tell you more now. we'll tell you exclusively tomorrow right here on "good morning america." that was my zip around the world on thursday and friday. let's get to the latest on little isabel. the missing 6-year-old who vanished from her bedroom. police say new evidence suggests that she may have been taken to mexico, and a potential witness could have been seen on surveillance video has come forward. neal karlinsky is in tucson with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good
7:32 am
morning. just to orient you, even though we're in the middle of a neighborhood, there are a number of surveillance cameras here. one at a church, some at a business. police are combing through that video. looking for anything out of the ordinary. this morning, police are following leads from the mexican border to an alley just a block from where isabel celis lived. mexico is just 63.5 miles from tucson. police are working with u.s. marshals and mexican authorities to see if the young girl was taken across the border. yet when we visited the u.s. side in arizona, the first grader's picture is nowhere to be seen. >> that needs to spread more. that child is missing and needs to be found. >> reporter: police have released this video. taken from a church surveillance camera near the house, showing five people likely walking home from a club at
7:33 am
about 1:30 the morning in question, just feet from the celis' house. detectives have tracked down and interviewed three of the five, but they also acknowledge, it also shows a sixth person, right there behind the wall, someone they still have not identified. >> we want to speak to the five individual. she what they may have seen in the area. see if they ran into this individual or anyone else. >> reporter: meanwhile, inside the celis' house, a look at the floor plan on file with the city shows how someone could have smashed isabel from her room without her parents hearing anything. their bedroom is across the 2300 square foot home in a corner on the opposite side of the house. >> the whole key to this case will be one person coming forward saying, i know where she is, i saw her yesterday, or i believe this person may have her. >> reporter: police admit they have scaled back their search considerably. they're still pushing forward, following tips and hoping for a break. >> we would love to have isabel back at her parents' and have this case resolved.
7:34 am
>> you have to recognize, this is very hard, pain-staking work. >> reporter: the reward for information has been steadily rising. it's up to $50,000. they need tips. they're trying to track down the people seen in that surveillance video. robin? >> they need a break and soon. all right, neal, thank you. now to the latest in a high-profile trial pitting a stepdaughter against her own stepmother. emotional testimony from the stepdaughter last week. an aspiring pop singer saying she agonized over pushing her stepmother to turn herself in for a deadly hit and run. now, that stepmom, about to tell her side of the story. linsey davis joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, josh, this case has been so dramatic and emotional. some people have even called it a soap oprah. the most defining moment of all is today. amy senser takes the stand. and experts say this case hinges on her testimony.
7:35 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> is there any more that you want? >> reporter: this trial is expected to hit a crescendo this morning, as amy senseer, the wife of former nfl player, joe senser, is on trial for three counts of vehicular home side. >> why don't you guys get a life. should i smile for you? hi, good morning. what channel are you? >> channel 5. >> hi, channel 5. this now has relative against relative. there have been quite a few bombshells already. >> reporter: jurors have heard already from the stepdaughter, brittani senser. in the days following the hit and run, sthere was wild speculation that she was behind the wheel of that suv.
7:36 am
defense lawyers contend that brittani, an aspiring pop singer who once did a video featuring levi johnston, was more upset that the bad publicity was hurting her music career. ♪ >> reporter: amy's 14-year-old daughter also took the stand, testifying that she didn't think her mother was drunk the night of the crash. >> amy put her head down. her daughter was crying on the stand. having trouble even spelling her name. >> reporter: police say amy senser hit and killed this 30-year-old chef. the attorneys say she thought she struck a construction barrel or a cone. in a dramatic moment, a state patrol accident reconstruction expert described how unlikely he believed that would be. saying the victim's body was, wrote, wrapped over the hood of this vehicle, and then fell over the side. now after a series of dramatic
7:37 am
moments from her family, this morning, amy senser will finally tell her side of the story. the burden is on the prosecution the prove beyond a reasonable doubt that senser, in fact, knew she hit the victim and then knowing that left the scene. the case could go to the jury as early as tomorrow morning. robin and josh. >> thank you for that. now, another look at the weather. sam champion. it's looking nice today out there. >> in new york. >> we have carrie underwood. >> outside. >> big storms lately. heavy rains. we begin with pictures out of ft. scott, kansas with what was about three inched of reported rain. but we've had seven inches of rain involved in a storm system today. one storm system repeatedly delivering that kind of rain. find st. louis right in the middle. an additional 2 to 3 inches of rain. in general, 1 to 2. that spreads from western
7:38 am
pennsylvania to oklahoma city today. a good, solid, soaking area of rain. we begin to see warmer air push up against the cold air holding around the great lakes into new england. it doesn't get the job done on wednesday. later on this week, the northern numbers will go up as well. for washington, d.c., today, tuesday, wednesday, on the climb. raleigh gets to 90 degrees. by the way, atlanta pulling in 90 degrees today. there's your two areas of strong to severe storms. rain into the northeast. >> all of that weather was brought to you by mary kay cosmetics. robin? josh? still to come, mcdreamy to the rescue. new details op how patrick dempsey played hero, saving that teen's life after a horrific car accident.
7:39 am
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we're back at 7:42. now a hollywood hart trob's latest role -- real-life action hero. saving a young car crash victim's life. abbie boudreau reports on the rescue mission in malibu. >> reporter: on tv's "grey's
7:43 am
anato anatomy" patrick dempsey plays mcdreamy. >> he shouldn't be walking. he should be dead. >> it's a beautiful day to save lives. >> nice. >> reporter: turns out, playing a hero is not something he just does on screen. 17-year-old westin lost control of his car last tuesday, flipping it three time near dempsey's home. westin was trapped. >> he came down the drive way. the doors wouldn't open. the car was upside down. >> reporter: a fire extinguisher in one hand, a crowbar in the other. he pried the doors open, rescuing the teen. >> i had faith in him. >> reporter: dempsey called 911 and didn't leave the teenager's side until air lifted to the hospital. then in true mcdreamy fashion, dempsey reached out to one other person.
7:44 am
the boy's mother. >> he had a certain authority to his voice. i asked if he was a paramedic. he said, no, um, this is patrick dempsey. and i thought, mcdreamy? >> reporter: it's a scene dempsey has played out before. >> can we fix it? is it fixable? >> i'll see. he'll be free of pain. >> reporter: and just like most hollywood endings, the boy should make full recovery. escaping with just a concussion and an eye injury. dempsey's reps refused comment. >> i feel like i can change their story. >> reporter: but is one. >> i owe it to them to try. >> reporter: i'm happy he was there. things could have been a lot worse. >> you paged? >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> he's a great guy. one of the good ones. coming up, josh back in
7:45 am
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> just wanted to let you know, we're down a man. george stephanopoulos making his way back if 100 floors in the sky. >> did you hear how loud that was? >> george is at 14th street. i begged him to take the west side highway. >> you did, didn't you? >> you noefr know what you'll get experimenting with monkey. >> we give her a piece of c
7:50 am
cucumber and eats it. the other one needs to give us a rock. she does that. she gets a dprap. the other one sees that. he gives a rock to us now. gets, again, cue qume ber. >> i don't understand. >> wait, wait. [ laughter ] i want some grapes! no joke, i want the grapes! >> she puts the rock against the wall. needs to give it to us. gives him cucumber ger again. >> oh, no. >> and the grapes and cucumbers go along. it's a human issue. we just don't like green things when we're eating. >> is this a bo-fer?
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. the new doyle drive is open this morning. crews demolished the old doyle drive over the weekend. there could be delays this morning as drivers adjust to the new road and a lower speed limit. sue tracking things. so far, so good. we have a problem with the "sig alert" on the peninsula 101 past 380. other problem westbound 24 before pleasant hill road.
7:57 am
good morning. partly cloudy upper 50s at the coast low to mid 70s inland. coast low to mid 70s inland. the news continues n what'll it be? i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's.
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8:00 am
♪ go go go go go go great people and great signs out there in times square again this morning. so glad to have you here to start the week with us. and "dancing with the stars," maria and derek. you remember. wait for it. yeah, that kiss on the dance floor. are they intention that willy giving us that? how far will they go? >> how far can they go? >> we'll find out, george. >> i guess we will. >> you have on the hiking shoes. >> big boots. it was really great up there. a lot to get to this half hour as well. this parenting issues setting
8:01 am
mommy blogs on fire. that little girl is wearing makeup. the question is, is 4 years old too young or is that fine? >> too young. >> you already answered? >> too young. too young too soon. too much. >> my kids play with makeup at home. what's the big deal? >> play with, no big deal. wear? >> kate loves it. >> playing with it is fine. >> we're not talking mascara at school. >> we may be, george. >> now you have to watch the story. trouble in paradise. what happened to the guy with the best job if the world, besides ours. was it a trip to nirvana or a nightmare. >> we'll find out. and carrie underwood. a phenomenal singer. a revealing interview with her just ahead. all leading up to our huge live
8:02 am
event tomorrow morning. carrie underwood takes over times square tomorrow. >> she's lovely, by the way. in case you didn't notice. >> josh, let's get news. we're going begin with what could become the worst diplomatic crisis between the u.s. and china since the 1980s. a blind human rights activist who was under house arrest pulled off a daring escape. this morning, he's believed to be in the hands of american dip lowe mats, possibly inside the u.s. embassy there. u.s. and chinese officials are scrambling to try to work out a deal for his asylum. it could be a rough day on wall street. the markets reacting to growing concerns about the economic crisis in europe. spain has fallen back into a recession. drivers here getting good news this morning.
8:03 am
aaa says gas prices have dropped an average of four cents per gallon in the last week alone. now, a story of survival there the utah wilderness. last tuesday, victoria grover set out on what she thought would be a short hike with no food and light clothing. she broke her leg jumping off a small ledge. all she could do was wait and suffer through four straight nights with temperatures in the low 30s. >> i certainly could have died out there, because the last night, i know i was very hypothermic. my faith that i would be found and, i also was by that point, i was much more peaceful with i had faced whatever happened would be okay. >> finally, on saturday, search crews were able to track her down using the gps from her rental car. and an amazing sight in
8:04 am
lower manhattan today. george had the best sight of all. one world trade center about to become new york city's tallest skyskriper. they'll add enough columns today to make the unfinished skeleton just over 1,250 feet tall. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. the "made in america" team will be back tonight. it's game on. the entire month of may is "made in america" on "world news" as you have never seen it before. see you tonight. >> all right, diane. also, a boeing 727 crash-landed in a remote mexican desert. it was no accident. the pilot is ejects moments before impact while cameras
8:05 am
inside and outside recorded everything. the only passengers on board, crash test dummies. it was a stunt for a documentary airing later this year on the discovery channel. they want to see what happens on the plane, inside and out, when it crashes. we'll see. $20 million. by the way. >> a big-budget documentary. >> one shot at it to be hsure. time for "pop news." happy anniversary to mariah carey and nick cannon. it's been four years. since they tied the knot in the bahamas. they chose another romantic spot for their renewal. the top of the eiffel tower. the photos just before the big moment. nick practicing. mariah tweeting tonight was an incredible night. >> i dig those two. no, i do. they're great.
8:06 am
>> good people. happy fourth anniversary. in case you missed that. it seems molly king will never become a queen. >> what? >> the daily mail reporting that prince harry has already moved on. while there was not enough discretion used after the pair was spotted singing karaoke. she tweeted that the two were friends. the price reportedly felt that that was too much. >> twitter, that's the line. >> you think the queen weighed in on that one? >> i don't know, george. >> broke the follow-up rule again. >> follow-up free zone. >> follow-up free. >> sam leaves us laughing as he goes outside. lady gaga's meat dress a
8:07 am
memory. now this dress is hairy. wearing what looks like a giant purple wig, gaga made an entrance when she landed -- can we get a full shot of it. it looks likes cousin it. she was on her way to the hong kong leg of her tour. >> wait, somewhat that? >> it's a hair dress. it's a purple hair dress. >> human hair? >> it's unclear. >> follow up. >> followup. >> there's so much to know. >> we'll let you know. finally, we have two videos sure to help kick off your work week. first, a polar bear doing a hand stand. a wild life videographer saw this. where are you, big daddy?
8:08 am
judges award, 10, or else. >> look at this. >> and if that wasn't enough to brighten up your monday, this video has gone viral. the title is frog sitting like a human. say no more. that, everybody, is "pop new." yes, it's alive. the person who posted it said, this frog is alived a well. i did not glue it or staple it. >> hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. we're live in times square. giant crowd. ladies, where in the world is this in florida. >> what is the name? >> steinhatchie. >> what is special there? we'll come down july 1st and dive for scallops right there. now that we've promised it on "gma," how could we not go live
8:09 am
in florida. >> it's the most pristine river in florida. >> we want to show you a gorgeous live shot from atlanta, georgia. going to 90 degrees today. it will be a record-breaker. they're not alone. birmingham, you're going to 90 as well. i think tampa will get to 90. seattle, 56, cooler. cool air moving in. the snow levels in the mountains will drop.
8:10 am
>> it's probably my favorite part of the day. no doubt about it. lara? >> here's a look at what else we have coming up. how young is too young to be getting all dolled up? why one mom says 4 is the right age for makeup. plus, maria and derek. we're going behind the scenes to find out what is really going on with these two. cam will have that. and what really happened with the best job on the plant. the guy who got it will explain coming up on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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8:15 am
now to that controversy that's got so many moms talking. we all know that little girls like to wear makeup. would you let a 4-year-old leave the house with lip gloss and eye shadow? paula faris talked to one mom that does. >> reporter: there are many ways to parent. minimakeup mavens, we went to ft. wayne, indiana. one little girl is already bitten by the beauty bug. she's cute. sassy. >> good morning, america. >> reporter: and already a makeup guru. okay, maybe not a total pro. but just like the madeup girls on tv's "toddlers & tiaras ats her fascination with grownup koz met eks set up a debate.
8:16 am
her mom posted a confession blog saying, i let my toddler wear makeup. eyes, cheeks, lips, the whole thing. do you think people make a bigger deal out of things? >> we all want even to be like us. then it means we did it right. >> reporter: lindsey said her daughter's fascination came after watching her put on makeup for events. we picked out a press, curl her hair. and apply a little makeup. all right, we apply a full face of makeup. >> i didn't think it was that monumental of a deal. i didn't think it was too out of the norm. i noticed articles on suri cruise, who wears bright lipstick. so many people critiquing their parents choices.
8:17 am
>> reporter: she didn't expect an online backlash. one wrote as someone whose mom couldn't leave the house without being made up, i say, watch out. some experts say 4 is too young for makeup. >> makeup, in some way, can be addictive. what the children would be addicted to is the pursuit of perfecti perfection. i'm only as good as i look. >> reporter: but cross says her daughter's makeup is just child's play. what are people's reaks out in public with makeup on? >> most people don't notice. >> reporter: you're not giving her eye liner, foundation, mascara, red lipstick. >> most people don't notice. >> reporter: why you to love to put makeup on? >> because i like to. >> reporter: what makes it so special? >> because it makes me pretty. >> reporter: do you think it's
8:18 am
contradictory? you feel the prettiest when you have makeup on. but you don't need it to be beautiful. >> i understand that. those are discussions we'll have when she bets older. >> reporter: for now, she just wants her daughter to enjoy being a child. >> it's dressup. it's playing pretend. it's pretending she's older. and i think that as she gets to be older, she'll look at it differently. we'll talk about it differently. >> reporter: the majority of parents don't have an issue with it as long as she's not wearing pageant-style makeup. clearly, she's not. and when she's in public, it's muted. >> i can't get too worked up about it. you made a good point. she says she needs it to look pretty. >> if she said because it's fun, i want to look like my mommy. it makes you look pretty? you don't need that especially as a little kid.
8:19 am
but what i do know? >> a lot. >> you're saying as long as you don't leave the house. >> if they want to play, it's fine. shouldn't be a public show. >> parents do the best they can. we satisfied everybody. >> now you all weigh in. tell us how wrong we all where. "dancing with the stars" heating up as we head into the home stretch. it's classical week this week. one of the hottest pairs, maria menounos and derek hough. cameron mathison went behind the scenes. >> reporter: good morning, robin. on "dancing with the stars," the sents and dancers don't choose each other. what if they could? who else would derek and maria be dancing with if they could choose is this you might be surprised. after kissing and shirt tossing, athey sexings up their act?
8:20 am
>> we're not going for anything specifically. it happens naturally. >> reporter: is it just me or is your shirt off more this season than ever before? >> it's been off a lot this season. each dance it's been appropri e appropriate. >> reporter: nothing to do with the fact of donnell driver, william levy, the other guys are taking the shirts off? >> it has nothing to do with that. i told you to do that in the salsa. >> reporter: i was catching up on my women's fashion. >> i haved that blown out in my house. >> my dad was upset. >> reporter: your mom said to be sexy this season. >> you're right. she did. look, mom, i'm sexy. >> reporter: not sure how her mom feels about maria dropping two pants sizes and gaining five pounds in muscle. >> you're going to feed us? >> reporter: yes, i am.
8:21 am
>> baklava? yea! >> reporter: it's a greek treat. maybe it was a sugar rush that inspired her to teach us a greek line dance. >> that makes no sense. i'm pretty sure you just made that up. >> reporter: derek will make sure you don't see this on "dancing with the stars" tonight. ♪ but you will witness the paso doble that they've been rehearsing with no kiss, by the way. >> grab, baby. >> reporter: she hopes previous problems won't flare up. >> feet are getting better. they got a little worse this week. >> reporter: she recently tweeted her left footing loose like fred flintstone. still, she's keeping her chin up. am i hurting it? >> no, i'm okay. >> reporter: the competition keeps an eye on her chin.
8:22 am
you're competitors. but you're hanging out. >> it's all fake. keep your enemies close. we went to couples therapy the other day. >> reporter: who was the therapist? >> katherine said, did he tell you you have chicken hands and you look like a tharantula. >> reporter: what if they had different partners. i asked them to reveal in writing. if maria wasn't dancing with you who else would she want to be dancing with? >> one, two, three. >> tristan. but i love mark, too. i didn't think about mark because he's so katherine. >> reporter: if derek wasn't dancing with you, this season, what other contestant, from this season, would he like to be dancing with.
8:23 am
♪ one, two, three. maria knew that katherine is derek's choice. does he have a crush? >> i think he does. she's really good and i think he wishes he had her. >> that's not true. no, no, no. >> she's really elegant. i'm not. >> shut up. you're amazing. i love dancing with you. ♪ when are you coming back >> reporter: i heard the rumor you're potentially dating katherine. >> that's not true. we're all close. we hang out. >> reporter: will they feel the same when the trophy is awarded in a few weeks? they're taking it one step at a time. you know, i would like to see how the group therapy sessions go as the season progresses a
8:24 am
little bit. some people might think katherine has the advantage this week. they're doing the rumba, i believe, this week, to a classical song. that's trick we. we'll see how things go tonight. >> we certainly will. the action heats up tonight. "dancing with the stars," 8:00, 7:00 central. w twitter party. >> at sam's place. >> i'm bringing the chips. >> i got the salsa. a followup on the guy who won what was nicknamed the best job in the world. care taker of a paradise island off australia. the 37-year-old lived in the lap of luxury. was it all he imagined? nick watt has the story on whether it was a dream or perhaps a nightmare. >> good morning, america from australia's outback. >> reporter: the ability to speak english and swim. the reward, a sweet crib and
8:25 am
100,000 bucks for six months' work. a weekly blog proe poeting tourism and a whole lot of this. reheard rumors that ben found the work exhausting. >> there was one experience that maybe wasn't quite so nice in the best job in the world. >> reporter: potentially fatal jelly fish sting while jet skiing. and his relationship fizzled. look at his face. he hasn't aged a bit in three years. he looks very, very smug. >> the best job in the world for me was i deal. it far exceed my expectations. it was adventure. i was jumping out of planes, diving on the barrier reef. >> reporter: he was pro moted to tourism ambassador. he's never leaving australia, he's had such a great time. he's not even pining for that
8:26 am
lost love. >> that relationship ran its natural course a couple of years ago. >> reporter: he's a glass half full guy. h he met sophie. >> i thought i have to talk to her. we've been together ever since. >> reporter: in a few months, they're getting married on the beach at hamilton island, the island that he was hiring to be care taker. turns out, it really may have been the best job in the world. you know what, lara, here in london, it rained all weekend. took three hours to get to work this morning. and my left shoe has begun to squeak. today, right now, i hate this guy. i really, really hate this guy. >> listen, you could have been wearing heels, nick. okay? old joke. thank you very much, nick watt. coming up here, carrie underwood, from "american idol."
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. a public memorial will be held today for alexis bush one of the five sailors killed in a racing accident near the farallon islands. the memorial starts 1 p.m.. bush was a former batgirl for the giants. >> classes for oikos university nursing students resume at unitech college in fremont. oikos reopened last monday. the man accused of killing seven in the university's shooting is expected back in court. >> busy traffic-wise. let's check in with sue. good news earlier problem with the car fire now cleared no problems. 24 westbound before pleasant hill that accident cleared. not so good news at the toll bay bridge still backed up
8:28 am
with a stall lane number four past metering lights. >> meteorologist mike nicco looks at our forecast, right
8:29 am
already 61 in antioch, 51 redwood city and san rafael. clouds gathering near the coast sea breeze coming in why temperatures are dropping upper 50s along the coast low 60s san francisco.
8:30 am
most of us low to mid 70s this afternoon. temperatures cool through thursday ♪ a little carrie underwood singing "good girl." her new cd is out this week. and you can tell the crowd here in times square just loves it already. and we're so looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. we'll have a revealing interview with her in just a few minutes. she'll be taking over times square tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. she's going the take over times square. a huge -- we're going to be -- we're not going to wait until tomorrow with carrie underwood to kick up our heels. we don't have to wait until tomorrow. these are rockettes alumni. >> good for you. >> sam, you can breathe now. >> we're celebrating the 80th birthday.
8:31 am
>> happy birthday. >> can you give us a little something? >> yeah, come on. >> three, two, one. ♪ we're going to light it up like it's dynamite because i told you once ♪ ♪ now i told you twice we're gonna light it up like it's dynamite ♪ >> once a rockette, always a rockette. >> always a rockette. thank you, ladies. it's also time for the dog v. dog series. two pooches are going nose to nose. you'll all vote and send one of the dogs to the top dog finals. it will all be decided this week. we also have a great guest inside, right now, dan rather. legendary newsman. always outspoken. irreverent. he's got a new autobiography. i. >> i love the name.
8:32 am
>> "rather outspoken." >> lara is missing. she's got an excused absence. she's inside. >> it's tough in here. hello, everybody. i'm with two of hollywood's hunkiest superheroes, chris evans and chris hemsworth. they're hitting the theaters in "the avengers." on may 4th in the u.s. evans is back as captain america and hemsworth reprises his role as thor. the movie is already released overseas. earning more than $178 million around the world over the weekend. here are chris and chris in action. ♪
8:33 am
>> you ready for another bout? >> what, are you getting sleepy? >> so, joining us are two members of the superheroes squad, chris evans and chris hemsworth. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great to have you both. very big crowd. lots of cameras outside. good to see you here. >> likewise. >> this is the last leg of the press journey? >> it is. we started in l.a. a couple of weeks ago. chris shot a movie. the rest of us went off and did london, russia, germany. rome. >> everywhere. >> back here. >> and chris, you were saying that's okay that you were not able to do it? >> no, i'm out of it. >> this is the hard part, isn't it? >> this is what they pay you for. making the movie is fun. promoting it is tricky. it's a lot of work. >> when people enjoy the film, it's easier. it's been one of the best tours i have done because the response is so positive. >> i read a review this morning that was spectacular.
8:34 am
it's very hard to do a superhero -- it's weird. no. in one of new york's papers said that it's hard to, with this many terrific actors, this many storylines, create a story that people will really care about. and they have done that. it's not just big fight scenes. did you feel that when you were reading the script and filming the movie? >> i think we all did. the moment -- i kept getting asked what kind of rehearsal process was there. the moment i picked up the script, there wasn't many questions. it was like, where do we stand? it was there on the page. it was joss whedon. he wrote and directed the thing. it was beautiful. >> you have a lot of big personalities. a lot of heroes. was there any sort of jockeying for position among the superheros? >> measuring each other's trailers. >> there was room for that to happen. it never did, thankfully. i give credit to downey. he's kind of the father of this
8:35 am
group. if he hadn't done so well with the "ironman" movies, i don't think this movie would have happened. i think the fish rots from the head down. and vice versa. he came to the set with such a positive attitude. we all fell in line because of his disposition. he's an amazing guy. and he made it a family atmosphere right away. >> he, ironman. you have done thor. captain america. all movies in their own right, really big movies. was it hard to go to the ensemble? >> i think we all preferred it, to be honest. downey made a comment in the first couple of weeks, oh, i've had more days off. this is fantastic. you do a individual film, the responsibility rests on your shoulders. this, you share the work load. >> which is toughest to play. who had it the hardest? >> probably ruffalo, i think. in the sense that he had to wear
8:36 am
this lycra kind of cgi jumpsuit, basically. >> you know he liked it. >> to be honest, we envied that. it was a lot more comfortable than what we had on -- leather, capes. >> give us an idea of what it was like. george interviewed the five of you in london. what was the camaraderie like behind the scenes? i can only imagine there were some outings to bond, shall we say. >> all superficial. we hated each other. >> we didn't get together at all. >> a couple of attempts by chris with avengers assemble. >> what is that? >> no one is from albuquerque. we're filming there. there's a good chance we'll make more of these. you want to develop a camaraderie. on the weekend, you try to say, let's tie one on. >> he meant, come to the bar.
8:37 am
avengers assemble. right now, we go to sam and the weather. avengers assemble. how is that? >> perfect. >> sam? >> just -- josh, that was the perfect broadcast pose. robin. >> you set the bar impossibly high. you set the bar impossibly high, sam. >> robin has the legs to pull it off. >> come here a minute. >> oh, this old thing. this old thing. >> oh. happy birthday. happy 10th birthday. >> thank you. >> we're so glad you're here this morning. wait, i got your hair caught. you're gorgeous, even in the birthday cake hat. we'll start with the twitter or facebook pictures. two areas of flooding rain. thank you, kate, my darling. stand here with me. it takes a little time to stand up. miami, ponca city, oklahoma. both coming in with heavy rainfall totals. another zone of heavy rain today. st. louis, you're in the bull's eye.
8:38 am
this is going to be heavy rain that swings into where? the northeast overnight. some of the rain will last into the early morning hours. it's lovely in los angeles, california, at 6 >> all of that weather, all around america, was brought to you by farmers insurance. >> oh, geez. i need to stop. quit while you're way behind. time to kick it off. we have the dog v. dog showdown. we had tons of videos submitted. all of your pets' best tricks.
8:39 am
each day this week, 2 of our 8 finalists will be pitted against each other. let's meet the first two. arbor. a 2-year-old border collie lab mix. lives in vegas. something of an abstract expressionist. owner puts the brush in the dog's mouth, sends to it the canvas. look what happens. again, all the works of art, by the way, donated to animal rescue groups. that's arbor. all right. here's jasmine. 6-year-old. people pleaser. hundred tricks or more. can virtually do anything. c.j. jackson calls her the canine personal assistant. they're in arizona. wow. she's going to be tough to beat. this is a good opening matchup. you like your dogs? i need you to logon and vote. arbor or jasmine. which do you enjoy the most? at yahoo!. friday, we'll crown the top dog. did you like the first one or second one? >> i liked the second one. >> jasmine, that's a write-in vote.
8:40 am
and again, we're going to have it all week long. coming up, news legend dan rather sits down with george, live. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] instead, try the new subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh.
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a little surprised by that. a new autobiography by news man dan rather reads like modern american history. he was there from the civil rights movement, the kennedy assassination, 9/11, and every event in between. the best-selling author's new book, "rather outspoken: my life in the news." dan rather joins us this morning. excuse me for my shoes. i was at the world trade center this morning. you really did do it all. when you look back, what story made the biggest impression on you? >> i think the coverage of the civil rights movement, dr. martin luther king. when i first came to cbs news.
8:44 am
it changed me as a news person and as a pro. 1962, 1963. my job was to be as close to dr. martin luther king as one could get and cover the civil rights movement. let's face it, george. you're looking at a reporter who got lucky. very, very lucky, to have covered the stories i have covered over the years. i would have to say that one. >> good luck. you also had bad luck. you pull no punches. i said this just before we came on the air. you pull no punches about the controversy that blew up, really, around your leaving cbs. it really centered on two different stories. the one that created the most controversy. the whole story about george w. bush and how he handled national guard service in alabama back in the 1970s. you maintain he simply did not show up. believe that is true today. some of the documents you used
8:45 am
were called into question. but you have no regrets. >> no. you know, george, my attitude is, in recent years, sometimes things in journalism go badly for the correspondent. it's important not to get baffled, not to be afraid, to never quit. i have a passion covering news. i love it. when you do investigative stories, not everything is going to go well. i've had my ups and downs. i've seen rain, i've seen fire. i've seen starry nights. i've seen it all. i never lost my passion for doing what i do. >> it seems like one of the things that most upsets you is that you felt that your team at cbs and -- its corporate ownership at viacom didn't back you up in the pursuit of the news and the truth. >> that was a situation. particularly the corporate, the very top corporate -- hard investigative reporting needs an ownership that doesn't back
8:46 am
down, doesn't back up, and backs its reporters. that had been the cbs news tradition. >> even when mistakes are made. >> i'm not acknowledging mistakes were made, but if they were, absolutely. the thing at cbs news had been, we go into investigative reporting together, we do it together, and we stick together all the way through. that had been the cbs news tradition. we reported the true story. i'm not at cbs now because i and my team reported a true story. it was tough. a lot of people didn't want to believe it. it was subjected to a propaganda barrage to discredit it. >> there's no way to know the entire truth, is there? without all the documents? >> but, in what story do we all know the entire truth? later president bush, when he was in the national guard
8:47 am
service, he was at least awol. we had a top general in the army saying, on the record, he was a deserter. everybody makes mistakes. i made some, president bush obviously made some. because we reported that story, they put heavy pressure on the corporate entity. and the corporate entity bolted. a lot of it is in the book. it's happened to -- what, i left eight years ago. this happened eight years ago. we go through it and detail it. >> one word, the bush team would point out that he was honorably discharged. which at least raises questions about whether or not he was a deserter. they do, of course, deny that. i want to move on. now that you're in a different -- you're working for hd net, an individual, not a corporate entity. can you feel the difference? >> there's tremendous difference. this is one of the best times in my reporting life. i work for mark cuban, he owns hd net. he agreed to give me total, complete creative and editorial
8:48 am
control. he's been better than his word. the liberating quality of that is something that surprised me. i spent 44 years at cbs news, 24 in the anchor chair there. virtually knew nothing else. to have this liberation at this age and stage in my career, i can't tell you -- every morning my feet hit the floor i can't wait to get at it. >> and your passion for finding a story has never stopped. dan rather, thank you very much. >> thank you, george. coming up, a revealing interview with carrie underwooda
8:49 am
8:50 am
we cannot wait until tomorrow. that woman right there, carrie underwood is coming to times square. she'll be performing live. first, a revealing look at her life now. ♪ i dug my key into the side >> reporter: with 14 number one
8:51 am
hits. ♪ jesus take the wheel >> reporter: five grammys and a new album, "blown away" out tomorrow and a new single, "good girl gts climbing the charts. ♪ no good girl no good for you >> reporter: and her marriage to nhl hockey player mike fisher, live is just a dream for carrie underwood. and at just 29 years old, she said she never could have imagined all this success, even after she won a little show called "american idol" in 2005. >> carrie underwood! >> my life took off like a bullet. i didn't know where i was or what i was doing most days. but it was fun. >> reporter: she won the popular reality show. she can't imagine doing another. >> i don't think i could have cameras in my life like that. my home is home.
8:52 am
we're allowed to be messy. come home, leave it outside, shut the door. it's nice. ♪ a good time casanova >> reporter: now, it's all about the music. >> i draw inspiration from people in my life, people i know. it was great being able to write "mama's song" about the two most important people in my life, my mom and my husband. i love them both so much. i think it came through in the video. >> reporter: with her new album, "blown away" she's branching out in new directions. >> some ominous songs, stormy. i feel like i have taken the boundaries of all the all bums i've done before and pushinged them. >> reporter: music may be her first love. but fashion is her true passion. >> i would love to get more into fashion and making clothes. it's finding things that feel
8:53 am
good, are comfortable, they look good. it's something i enjoy. >> reporter: seven years ago, we heard her sing for the first time. ♪ because i can't make you love me ♪ ♪ i don't even know >> reporter: and tomorrow, get ready. he she's performing live here on "gma." she's like family to us. you'll see carrie underwood
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we already know about carrie underwood. you're also pringing back the interview with mark zuckerberg. >> that huge announcement. the potential to save lives. >> we're going to have a big week here. watch "world news" today with diane sawyer. ccccccccccccccccccc
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good morning i'm kristen sze. pg&e says tomorrow is to longer a firm deadline to opt-out of having a smart meter. is charging $75 up-front plus $10 per month. after several complaints the utility backed away from the deadline saying customers can opt-out any time. let's check in with mike. marine layer clouds pushing through the golden gate bringing that breeze. low 60s san francisco mid to upper 60s richmond and oakley upper 50s at the coast cooler thursday best chance of rain then. mass transit on time ace train 3 half hour late number 515 minutes. new doyle drive detour in full effect slow off the


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